Thursday, June 21, 2007


I filled two prescriptions today: one for birth control and one for prenatal vitamins. As you might imagine, the pharmacist asked me about the combination since usually they only fill prescriptions for one of those at a time. I explained that my husband and I are going to start trying in a few months, and I just wanted to fill both prescriptions at once. Really, it's more because I'm undecided. I know right now is not the time to get pregnant. I also know I'm sick of taking birth control (even if it does make me less grouchy and makes periods short and far more pleasant). I want a baby, but I want to live, oh, I don't know, in the same place as Derrick when I have one. And then there's the whole working with funky chemicals that I do on a daily basis that may be a very good reason to postpone pregnancy. There are moments when the thought of having a baby makes me seriously sick to my stomach, and others when my non-pregnant state causes me pain in my bowels (what a lovely image that is, I'm sure).

This is such an amazingly complicated decision. How does anyone decide?


  1. Tell me again what you do with Sea Monkies.

    Having had a baby and having had a wonderful but very, very very stressful first year, I definitely think you two should be together and settled in one location before getting pregnant. For example, what happens if you ended up having to go on bedrest, and Derrick living somewhere else? Then what? You'd have to hire a nurse to feed you and do your laundry and buy you food.

  2. It is never just the right time to have a baby, but there are major things that you should get out of the way first. YY wanted to finish grad school first and I wanted to get my engineering license, so we waited an extra year.

    I would think that living in the same place would be kind of important. You're gonna need all the support you can get when you're pregnant and during that first year or so.