Sunday, April 22, 2012

The sun is out of gas!

The other night at dinner Sylvia got a little silly and made up her own chant that went, "The sun is out of gas! Sh*@&! The sun is out of gas! Sh*@&!" When Derrick and I busted up laughing, she thought it was because of her cleverness coming up with "the sun is out of gas," which she continued to chant through the rest of dinner. The innocence of children. Precious.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

So quiet

Today was my first day back in Relief Society. Wow, is it ever quiet. I'd forgotten how boring it can be to just sit there, listening. I suppose next week I'll have to actually read the lesson so I'll have something to think about, maybe even say.

That is, assuming I'm not called into something else. Lynn's already been called as the RS teacher to replace Agnes (the new Primary president), but that's not at all a surprise. She's an excellent teacher and that's the calling she was hoping for.

Anyway, after church, Sylvia actually napped (miracle of miracles), and then spent the afternoon hunting worms. Her hunt yielded one, whose life I feared for since she carried it around for a good hour before I managed to get her to "put it to bed." That gambit had to work twice, actually, since the worm didn't have time to escape the first time. Sigh.

Here are a couple of pictures of my kids, just being cute.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Another week slipping into obscurity...

With no record, no remembrance. Yeah, life is busy; yeah, I'm trying to prioritize work over play, and this counts as play. But I'll take a break.

As I said, it's been busy lately. After Sylvia's illness (which didn't lead to any more puking after that one day, but left her kind of overly mellow and with little appetite) I picked it up, then, a few days later, Derrick picked it up. Somewhere in there Paul picked up something RSV-ish and I spent a couple of days watching him closely for signs of respiratory distress. Oh, and not sleeping because babies with coughs don't sleep well. (The Paul not sleeping led to an amusing event. When he's sick I'll take him in the shower with me to help his breathing. During one of the showers I looked down and realized he was bent completely in half. He was so tired, and so relaxed by the shower he actually fell asleep sitting in the tub!) And then, since my body's response to all that sickness and stress involves secondary infections in my lymph nodes, I got said secondary infection that made it so painful to swallow I couldn't do much more than choke down enough water to keep myself barely hydrated for about a week. So yeah, busy. But now we're all well, thanks to rest, functional immune systems, and a little assistance from that miracle of drugs, penicillin.

We've had fun, too. Last weekend (I think?) we went to Pasadena for the Alumni game. Sylvia loved seeing "Daddy's friends" again, and I hung out with a friend from college who still lives in the area.

Thursday, April 5, 2012