Monday, August 6, 2007

Prego amor

I want a digital camera so badly.

Derrick and I played host to his parents and his grandma Weaver while I was on vacation. Grandma Weaver brought out a digital camera she'd borrowed from one of her daughters and let me, with my itchy little trigger finger, take pictures for her. I took more than 700 photos with that thing. It was awesome. The camera wasn't great (I had a hard time telling when things were in focus, and I never did figure out how to get the white balance right), but it was really quite fun to take basically no-consequence pictures. I wish I'd had one for my Mom's wedding--while she was happy with the pictures I took, I think I would have taken more, and probably ended up with a larger number of truly good photos, if only I'd had a digital.


Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few of my favorites, many with explanation, others solo.

That's Derrick attempting to throw me over the cliff into the Rio Grande River during our drive from Santa Fe to Amargosa.

We took Grandma Weaver on the Alpine loop. She was a little worried about the 4WD road, but this is early enough she's still smiling. Then she saw this:

She wasn't smiling anymore (but I didn't take a picture of that).

Alpine sunflowers at the top of Engineer Pass.

Surprisingly enough, Grandma didn't want to come with the rest of us to Yankee Boy Basin after the alpine loop, even though we bought her a T-shirt to commemorate her survival. It's really too bad, too, because the flowers in Yankee Boy were spectacular. Here's a picture of Derrick's Mom with Columbine:

Shockingly, it's her favorite flower. (or not. Maybe Derrick's love of the flower is hereditary.)

See what I mean about white balance?

Everything from the Aspens on is in Utah. This aspen picture was taken in the La Sal's in Southern Utah.

We didn't take Grandma Weaver (or Derrick's Parent's new Lexus SUV) on this talus slope masquerading as a road:

I'm not sure Derrick would have survived if he'd suggested it.

Utah state flower, the Sego Lily (or Mariposa Lily)

We didn't take them on the Schaffer trail either.

Instead, we went to Mesa Arch, which you should see before it falls.

Derrick hanging out over the abyss to take a picture. His Mom could hardly watch. He really knows how to make them nervous.

Proof that Grandma DID climb on a rock.

Of course, Derrick had to climb to the top, especially since his Mom told him not to.

Then we went to Upheaval Dome.

Derrick's Mom hiding from the sun. Yes, it was that hot. We left shortly after that as all of us were hot, tired, and ready for a good long nap. A couple of days later, when everyone was feeling up to another adventure, we all trekked up to the Albion Basin,

where we saw different columbine (among other beautiful flowers), Derrick told us all about contact metamorphism, and then, to the disbelief of Mom and Grandma (pictured below), took us on yet another dirt road, this one over Guardsman's Pass to Park City,

where the adults in the group were silly enough to leave Derrick and me alone with a camera.

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