Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I dream of rain

I love the smell of rain in the desert--it's dusty and clean all at once. I'm going to miss that smell. Rain's just not the same in Indiana. Neither as special, nor as beautiful to the senses.

Derrick and I sold our condo, which is great, but I'm having a tough time leaving Utah. I know, I haven't really lived here for the last 2 1/2 years anyway, but it's difficult for me to say goodbye to the place that's been home, even while I've lived elsewhere, for nearly 30 years. This is the place I grew up, where my family lives, and contains most of the landscapes and places where I spend my dreams. My daughter will know none of these places the way I do, which makes me sad.

We've had a wonderful Utah spring--just the thing to remind me of all I'll miss about the place. It snowed on May 1, and yesterday, less than three weeks later, it was about 95 degrees. Yeah Utah!

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