Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mommy brain

This Sunday I have a deadline. I need to have a one page summary of my Phd dissertation (relatively easy) and an up to three page research statement describing where I want my career to go, well, more precisely:

A concise statement describing your research interests (three page maximum), in particular, those interests you would like to pursue at (Institution of Interest) as well as more general career plans and how a postdoctoral position at (IoI) would complement your existing experience

When I was at Brown, I remember feeling connected to my research, to science, to the literature, and I loved that! It's the feeling I often have after a conference, or after I got back from WHOI, and it's the feeling that keeps me motivated. Now that I'm back and spending something like 70% of my waking hours with a kid, that feeling just isn't there. I wish I could rekindle it. I need to if I'm going to have any hope of continuing as a scientist.

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