Friday, November 4, 2011

If you want something done right...

I told Sylvia we'd make cookies tonight after dinner. Of course, Paul decided he wanted dinner about three bites into my dinner, so I was still nursing when Sylvia and Derrick finished eating. Rather than delay the cookie-making, I instructed Derrick to help Sylvia with the first few ingredients while I finished up with Paul.

I used this recipe, omitting the orange zest and substituting raisins for the chocolate chips. The cookies weren't great. They were too salty and just not very sweet. I added chocolate chips to the last batch, figuring chocolate works better in salty dough and that perhaps this just wasn't a good oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. While adding the chocolate chips, Derrick and I discussed the inadequacy of the cookies. He said they weren't very sweet. I agreed, saying it was surprising given there was almost two cups of sugar in the dough.

"How much sugar?"

"Almost two cups. Three-quarters of white and a cup of brown."


"Oh? How much sugar did you add?"

"Three quarters of a cup of white and a quarter cup of brown."


If these weren't cookies I know Derrick likes I'd suspect he was attempting to fail into never having to help again. Too bad for him this is one of those things I think needs more practice.

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