Saturday, June 1, 2013

7 X 5

Best parts of the day:

1. Sylvia waking me up by singing happy birthday.

2. Getting phone calls from my mom and sister.

3. My house, filled with the smell of roasting pork all day long.

4. Paul, snuggling with me after his nap, telling me, "no, sleeping" when I threatened to get up to clean.

5. A very fun dinner party, including much conversation with other adults.

6. All my friends' kids shyly wishing me happy birthday. I think I was a kid like that once.

7. My kids playing quite happily and well with the other (significantly older!) kids during said party. The kids (the older ones, I'm sure) set up their own dinner party in the play room using Sylvia and Paul's kitchen. Just fantastic!

8. Laying down with my kids at bedtime, Sylvia singing me happy birthday again, and Paul joining in. "Happy birthday. Singing!"

(You may notice birthday cake is not on the list. I made the Southern Living carrot cake. While it's nice and moist, it's also a brick in my stomach. Next time something lighter. Pavlova, perhaps, since I am down under?)