Sunday, June 30, 2013

And so it begins

In the week Derrick was gone, Paul's language skills increased noticeably. He's speaking more clearly and speaking in two to three word phrases, sometimes embarking on sentences (though those are typically not so understandable). My favorites so far: "right, mom;" "mommy coming;" and "I love you, mom." Yes, I am a sentimental sucker.

Yesterday we had friends over to play. At least once Paul said, "right, mom. Eva." to one of them, which I found hilarious.

Everyone asks if my kids will have Australian accents. The answer is most definitely yes, and Paul's already acquiring his. After our friends' visit the way Paul says 'no' and 'uh-oh' is noticeably changed. The Australian 'no' is more like 'noe' (so there's a bit of an 'e' sound at the end. Paul's picked that up.

I have to admit, as cute as it is, I'm a little sad he's not going to sound much like me when he grows up!

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  1. I can imagine that it would feel a bit odd to have my kids speak with an accent so obviously different from mine. Sure, Gareth has a few things that he says differently, but overall we probably sound quite a bit the same. But I also imagine it would be fun to see the shift happen.