Tuesday, May 30, 2017


When Kip says 'Sylvia' it comes out something more like eea, with a slightly guttural sound before the e's and some other irreproducible vowel-ish sound before the a. It's a bit like when Sylvia says, 'no' these days, which is very much in the Adelaide style and sounds more like noe and almost has two syllables. 

The problem isn't the 's' or the 'l' sound; he's perfectly capable of pronouncing those sounds correctly in other words. When I try to reproduce the way he says it he tells me I'm saying her name wrong and shows me the correct pronunciation, and will only accept when I say her name correctly. I think it's pretty cute, but then I'm the mom.

That ended today. He looked at me while we were in the car driving to pick up Sylvia from school, and after pronouncing her name his normal way he said, "No, Syl-vi-a." Like a little language lightbulb went on in his brain, and now it'll stay lit forever.

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  1. Aw. It's always a little sad when some of those mispronunciations end, but also cool to see the light bulb moment. Gareth was still saying cimmanon not that long ago, partly because it was his last little kid mispronunciation and I couldn't quite bring myself to correct him. I'm not sure if he's corrected it yet or not - he'll figure it out eventually, right?