Thursday, February 28, 2008

Misunderstanding Science, 101

This is just silly. On year erases a 100 year trend? Learn to read a graph before trying to interpret it, please. The graph in question shows monthly global temperatures from the HadCRUT data set for the last 250 months--or, from 1988 to January of this year. The temperature anomaly decreases to about where it was at 100 months from the beginning of 1988, or about 150 months ago. For those who are counting, that means global average temperatures are today about what they were in 1996 or '97. Yep, a whole decade. For even better graphs that show exactly how unremarkable this year is for the last 30 years, see this or read the original and follow-up posts that started the whole brew-ha-ha.

If you're going to deny the science, please at least understand what you're saying.

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