Monday, September 29, 2008


Yi-Chou lent me the first two books in Stephanie Meyer's Vampire series. I quite enjoyed the first book, and I could really relate to Bella, the protagonist. I've experienced similar feelings of inadequacy before, and I'm also quite the klutz. She's really whiny in the second book. I should be more forgiving of that--I've been there as well, having had my heart crushed by a man I was sure was "the one," feeling like my life was devoid of happiness and color and meaning because he was no longer a part of it. I'm quite sure I alienated most of my friends during that time as well. But really, she's just so pitiful, even though I can relate to the feeling, I just want to slap her and say, "get over it already!" I'm guessing I have a lot of friends and family members who probably wanted to do much the same to me. Thanks, to all of you who were friends to me during those couple of years, for not abandoning me to the awful pit of despair I cast myself into.

Here's to relationships that aren't co-dependent.

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