Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures from Utah

This is how Sylvia spent most of the two plane flights to Utah (one to Las Vegas, one into Salt Lake):

She missed out on seeing the lovely scenery while she was asleep (as if she'd remember anyway) so I took pictures. This one is of Monument Valley, which, of course, reminds me of my grandpa.

My dad asked me to take some pictures of him with Christine that they may use for their announcements. I was happy to oblige. These are a few of my favorite shots. Have I mentioned how nice Christine is? Or how good it is to see my dad so happy?

A few pictures from chili fest--Tressa with Sylvia (and the last person I handed Sylvia to for about two hours); Lara with her 19-week baby bump (do we know if it's a girl or a boy bump yet?); Alan with a horned cow pelvis on his head; and Mimi holding Sylvia.

Derrick on our walk up the Loop trail.

After our exhausting hike, Sylvia napped, which Chewie took advantage of to investigate her:

Seeing my Aunt Valerie was quite a wonderful surprise. I hadn't expected to be able to introduce her to Sylvia so soon.

Pictures Derrick took of old cars in Grantsville:

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  1. I love the nose-to-nose Derrick/Sylvia photo and the kissing-in-the-mirror shot.

    Sylvia's quite the cutie!