Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's cold outside. It's so cold outside the sun looks like it could use a sweater and earmuffs. It's beyond novacaine cold; it's beyond two-hats cold. I need a new term for this cold. All I've come up with is let's burn us some tasty fossil fuels cold. Or maybe so-cold-that-yes-I'll-take-a-ride-to-avoid-freezing-the-bridge-of-my-nose-again-thankyouverymuch. Which is something I was warned about when I went to Antarctica, and to prevent freezing skin with glasses I was encouraged to get plastic frames. Then, because we were on the coast the whole time (really, on the water--boats don't do so well on land, after all) it wasn't ever very cold. Certainly not this cold, and certainly not this windy.

It was quite the surprise last year when it got so cold here in Indiana that my metal-frame glasses did indeed freeze the skin on the bridge of my nose. Since that particular sore didn't heal for months (probably because it itched and I kept scratching it) I'm trying to avoid a recurrence. Slow I may be, but pain does teach me some lessons quite well!

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