Monday, January 26, 2009

The cough-laugh

I'm sure it's only the cutest thing because Sylvia is my daughter, but when she laughs, she often does this cough-laugh that I find simply charming. We're not sure where she gets it, but she knows it makes us laugh, and that just encourages her all the more. It's amazing how much she interacts and entertains us. When I walk into a room she'll often greet me with a smile that's bright as sunshine, even if I've only been out of her sight long enough to wash my hands or put something away. Somewhere in the logical part of my brain I know her smiles and giggles are a way of binding us, her parents, to her, because if we are bound emotionally we'll take care of her. Fortunately, that knowledge does nothing to interrupt my enjoyment of her, or decrease the bond that does grow every day between us.

Of course, it also encourages me to do probably silly things, like let her suck on the crust of a piece of bread I was attempting to eat in front of her at dinner this evening. She's gotten very interested in exploring what her dad and mom are putting into their mouths lately.

Anyway, I wanted to put up more pictures of Sylvia, since that's the real reason most people read my blog, I'm pretty sure, but due to some technical difficulties I can't download anything from my camera to the computer. So, here are some pictures of Sylvia from Christmas. Enjoy!


  1. She is a cute little girl - I love her expression in the last pick.

  2. Though the pictures of Sylvia are a big draw, I also like to read your other posts!