Sunday, September 27, 2009


It's great to have Sylvia and Derrick home. Yesterday was a three-bowl day, between making lemon chess pie for the stake RS conference (so yummy) and bread for Derrick ('cause I was just a little excited to get my husband and daughter back). By three bowl day, I mean I used three mixing bowls in my cooking adventures, which, since I only have two bowls means I washed one and dirtied it twice.

I think Sylvia's grown an inch in the two weeks since I've seen her. She's been pretty clingy, too--while I was gone this morning making the weekly ward bulletin she apparently said ma-ma-ma a lot, which she didn't do in Birmingham. Perhaps what I've been interpreting as not really mama is, in fact, her proto-mama sound and really does have the meaning we adults would like to ascribe to it.

The only bad thing about having her back is that yet again I don't pay much attention to what anybody says at church. But really, to have my daughter again, I can deal with that.

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