Saturday, December 19, 2009


Starting just after Thanksgiving life is always hectic. We left for Utah on the 3rd of December and have been going and going since then. I made a poster basically in two days, Sylvia ran around at Mimi's and at my Mom's, and then we left for San Francisco. AGU (the conference I went to this past week) was good, though I discovered a few things that annoy me--particularly people "correlating" data to other data (sun spot cycles, for instance) with no mechanistic explanation of why they'd be correlated. Oh, and if your wiggle matching requires you to draw diagonal lines between your wiggles--especially with different slopes--THEY DON'T MATCH. Many friends suffered through a much longer version of the abbreviate rant above, so thank you, friends, for listening to my rant.

We're back in Utah now. Sylvia was happy to see us--so happy she woke us up at about 4 AM to greet us. I guess she missed us because she's been very clingy all day long. She was very upset that we required her to sit in a car seat while driving.

So, I know what I'm getting for Christmas. Derrick bought me a very nice gift from B&H PhotoVideo, which happens to have my email address on the profile since we use the same profile to order stuff. So I got an email titled "ord-status confirmation" with a very large number attached to it and though, "oh no, did someone get our credit card number and buy something? That would suck right before Christmas when we're in Utah." Nope. Just Derrick. Thank you, dear husband, for the thoughtful, expensive, and no longer surprising Christmas present. At least I don't have to re-wrap it before sticking it back under the tree.

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