Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hockey sticks

Tonight, after a lazy Sunday afternoon, we took Sylvia to watch Grandpa Wayne play hockey. The game started late enough I wasn't sure if Sylvia would be happy all the way through, but as it turned out she was her normal charming self, and even went to bed very well for me (amazingly enough--though I did sing a couple of extra songs before putting her down).

Grandpa Wayne's team blew the other team out of the water, winning by 10 to 2. I think Derrick enjoyed watching the game, though he said it felt like everything was going about half speed. Perhaps when we're living nearer a city with a hockey team I'll get him tickets to a game so the game will feel like it's going the right speed to him.

Sylvia watched a bit, and I think liked seeing the men skating around on the ice (though I think she missed many of the finer points of the game). Mostly she walked up and down the stairs or begged for candy or gum. She had Reese's Pieces for the first time this evening and liked them enough we had to get a second handful from the dispenser for her. As a mom, I feel a little self conscious, maybe a little silly, keeping track of all of these oh-so-important "firsts." I realize they're really important to me as I watch her reactions and from them learn about my little girl and how she's growing and changing. I'm guessing I won't be quite as conscious of them with subsequent kids. Even so, I'll probably keep making note of them with Sylvia, even if they're as silly as a first hockey game or a first handful of Reese's Pieces.

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  1. if the game happened in Utah, then i'd say grandpa wayne's team kicked the trash out of my husbands team.

    they never win. :)