Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nearing 10,000

Pictures taken with my camera, that is. My cousin's sister in law got married today at the Oquirrh Mt. Temple and I was the photographer (supposed to be back-up, but I'm a shutterbug, so I became primary by default). I'd put up pictures now, but I'm exhausted. Pictures at the temple started at about 1:30 (and I got there about an hour before--not that I needed to) and went an hour, and then I hung out at a coffee shop (working on my real job) until it was time to leave for the reception at 6:30, and I was there taking pictures until the light was gone about two hours later.

The only bad thing about today was that, yet again, I feel like a negligent mother. First, I got up before Sylvia and took a shower without her. I really enjoyed it, until I got out of the shower and found Sylvia, sitting on the bed stark naked, yelling, "poop!" Fortunately, her mess was pretty easy to clean up--all I had to do was a bunch of laundry. Then, I abandoned her all day for the second day in a row (not that it's really abandonment when she's in the care of someone responsible and caring, but still). Finally, she got some sort of bug bite or sticker that she's reacting to, and since I was at the reception I didn't take my phone with me so my Mom couldn't get hold of me. Fortunately, Sylvia's okay, but I should have kept my phone with me--I knew she had a bite and was reacting to it, but I assumed she was okay and didn't worry about it. Definitely a bad mom day. Though fortunately, my kid still loves me.

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