Sunday, October 17, 2010

Katy Perry on Sesame Street

Katy Perry sang a duet with Elmo on Sesame Street that caused some controversy. To be specific, her outfit caused some controversy as it shows off more of her cleavage than was strictly necessary.

The song's actually pretty cute, if you can get past the outfit (which I must admit is an outfit I would have worn to dress up in as a kid. It's, uh, kinda ugly). Sylvia loves the song in spite of the fashion. Unfortunately, it's getting harder to find a copy of the song itself on youtube, so I'm embedding it here so nobody else has to wade through pages of entertainment "reports" on the controversy.


  1. Part of my can't be bothered by this and then part of me is "well duh, Sesame Street -- how many years have you been doing skits with famous people? Haven't you worked out the protocol yet?" It seems kind of sloppy that they'd let wardrobe okay this outfit. The cups of the dress only cover about a 1/3rd of her boobs.

    It just surprises me that such a well-established entity like SStreet wouldn't have thought this one through.

  2. It does seem like a no duh. I'm gonna guess they won't make this mistake again for a while. In their defense, though, there are other famous people who've gotten away with less modest attire. While Erykah Badu's outfit certainly isn't equivalent to Katy Perry's, it does show off a lot of shoulder and some belly, and yet there's absolutely no public commentary. Unless, of course, you count the guys talking about how hot she is in the comments below the clip. Is it more acceptable because it looks like an athletic top? Or is Katy Perry just the lucky girl to be made an example of?

    In my search through youtube Sesame Street clips with guest stars (pulled from A through E on this list and selected only if I knew who they were and they seemed like someone who might dress provocatively), it seems most of them are very conservatively dressed. In fact, most are in street clothes.