Saturday, October 16, 2010

We are so lame

I think about quarterly Sylvia's day care does a parent's night out--basically, inexpensive child care for a date night. We signed Sylvia up for it, which I figured she'd enjoy since she always resists going home when I come pick her up.

The only bad thing...I didn't think about what Derrick and I would do with our evening of freedom. At all. So, we went to Target to pick up a movie and a pizza (which is kind of our default and has been as long as we've been married), and discovered Target doesn't carry any movies we wanted to see or any pizza we wanted to eat. Derrick thought Greek food sounded better than pizza anyway, so we went to another grocery store, but their olive bar wasn't terribly diverse (its contents consisting entirely of olives--go figure) and since Derrick really wanted dolmades, we tried another grocery store. That grocery store wasn't any better in terms of selection and was more expensive, so we picked up a pizza and some ice cream and went home.

Yep, we started out looking for pizza, changed our minds, went to three stores, spent at least an hour and a half, and ended up with pizza. We spent the approximately 45 minutes of our non-shopping alone time scarfing pizza and watching hulu since we didn't manage to identify an acceptable movie (which could be the subject of another post, since that's a problem we've had a lot lately--movies just aren't appealing anymore. But I'll spare you that rant for now) before going to pick up Sylvia. And that was our night.

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