Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Skuut away

We tried to get this for Sylvia's birthday. Unfortunately, patience is in short supply 'round here.


  1. Does she enjoy her bike? David was showing me pictures of these and we discussed them. So how about a picture of you up here too? Have a great time.

  2. Talk to Derrick about pictures of me :)

    She is enjoying her bike, though we need to get her on it a bit more. It's kind of funny--the bike brings out a completely different, more timid part of her personality. Most of the time I think of Sylvia as a pretty fearless kid, but she's really not as sure about going on the bike by herself as I thought she'd be.

    I have another friend who bought one similar to this. Her son is not quite a year older than Sylvia and he's really taken off on the bike. I'm not sure if he's that much less timid, or if he's just that much more mature (though I suspect the latter).

    We let Sylvia try the Skuut out at REI before we bought it. Is there an REI near you guys?

  3. Yes there is an REI here. David has 2 memberships (oops I should say David and Jason each have a membership). He is getting into backpacking quite a bit. So far I am just up for good old car camping. I do like there warranty on their gear. They refunded our money on a 5 yr old tent when the twins bent the poles (and David promptly bought the newer version.)

    Anyway give Sylvia time on the bike. My kids really all figured out pedaling between 2 and 3.

  4. Ah, so I'm guessing your discussion wasn't a "should we get one of these" kind of discussion. The bike actually doesn't have pedals--they're intended to help kids figure out the balancing part of biking before the pedaling, since pedaling is really the easier of the skills. We'll see--I think Sylvia probably just needs to have a little bit of success and she'll take to it.

    We've been really happy with REI, too, though at least as much because we don't need to use their generous warranty very often.

    I used to like backpacking, but I can't imagine attempting it with young kids. If Derrick ever decides he wants to do anything more than car camping before our kids are capable of carrying their own equipment, he'll have to find another partner in crime :)