Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving up in the world

Sylvia moved into the older kid's class today. I'm a little anxious about the transition, mostly because potty training hasn't been going so smoothly lately, but it's probably time. Her teachers say she's intellectually ready. Truthfully, they're worried she'll regress if she isn't moved up.

I never thought I'd be apprehensive about the traditional milestones, but I guess I am. Of course, Sylvia had a good day and is very excited to be in the 'big kid' class. I picked her up a little late and while I was talking to Sylvia's teacher and the director of the school Sylvia was 'helping' one of her new classmates go down for a nap by taking off the other little girl's shoes and spreading her blanket on top of her. If only she'd go down herself!

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