Wednesday, September 21, 2011

six weeks

Okay, so my six week appointment was actually Monday, and Paul turned six weeks old yesterday. While I wouldn't say I'm feeling overwhelmed (most of the time, at least) I am obviously not as on top of updating this blog as I used to be (as if I was consistent before :P ). Since I don't really want to brag (but I do kind of want to brag) and I definitely want to record this (you know, for comparison purposes if I ever, say, have another kid) I'm only two pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Yeah! I love breastfeeding! Now, at the same time, I have a definite muffin-top that wasn't there before this pregnancy and I really don't fit into many of my normal clothes. So either that 2 lb is all fat right around my waist (doubtful, given the current size of my boobs) or I lost a lot of muscle and maybe bone density during this pregnancy.

Paul is coming out of the "fourth trimester," too. His sleep schedule is regularising and he's becoming more social in that he'll actually look at me, or at a mirror with some regard, instead of just staring in the general direction of stuff. This morning he quite happily played by himself on my bed (and by played I mean flailed his arms and legs around and cooed happily at me). He still has crazy strong abs and loves to hold his legs up an inch or two above the surface of the bed, though not for quite as long as he used to.

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