Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oral baby

Paul loves having something in his mouth. Usually this something is a pacifier, though he's getting better at manipulating things and putting them in his mouth. He's also definitely more observant, especially of me, which translates into Paul diving for anything that I stick in my mouth. Today he's gone for my breakfast cereal, an orange, juice at Trader Joe's (which subsequently spilled all over the floor. grr), and my toothbrush. I don't think he really wants to eat--I've given him little tastes of my food and he doesn't seem impressed--but he really wants to put stuff in his mouth.

Just now he grabbed his dad's fingers to suck on. The same fingers, incidentally, that had just cleaned and seeded half a dozen roasted green chilies. Sometimes it's just not a mystery why Paul isn't warming much to his dad.

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