Monday, January 2, 2012


Yesterday was Sylvia's first day as a sunbeam, which meant it was also the first day she attended all of the second hour of primary (the sunbeams have been coming for singing time for the last several weeks). My child being the free-spirit she is, she didn't spend a lot of time sitting. My teaching sharing time didn't help things as I couldn't really pay much attention to her and she thought she should be up with me most of the time. The older kids I think got a kick out of the new sunbeams more than being annoyed with them, which was a definite blessing. Then again, they see this transition happening every year with a new batch of sunbeams. It probably didn't hurt that most of this year's new crop are younger siblings.

Yesterday I could tell Sylvia enjoyed being a big girl in primary, but I didn't realize quite how much until this morning when she ran into her class at school and announced to her teacher that she's now a sunbeam. She takes such pleasure in these little rites of passage, in being called a big girl.

Primary went pretty well, all things considered. Paul slept through most of it, though he did (of course) wake up during my lesson. He held it together reasonably well until I could take him, though. The lesson was on choices and consequences, and we spent most of the time talking about choices and consequences experienced by scriptural personalities, including Esther (who one of the kids REALLY wanted to talk about), Mary and Martha, and the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's and the 2,000 stripling warriors. About a third of the kids were gone, which meant I only had to deal with about 20-ish kids. That seems like about the perfect size for primary discussions.

One more amusing thing about Sylvia: today while walking home from school she informed me her hair is brown and her eyes are green. She's claimed for a while she has green eyes (really, they're blue with a single speck of brown in the left eye); the brown hair is a new thing. I'm beginning to think she really looks up to her dad and not only wants to be like him, she also wants to look like him.

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