Sunday, January 15, 2012

Picture catch-up

We've (of course) taken many more pictures than these, but here are a few showing how much Paul has grown since I last posted pictures of him.

Standing with the help of his Dad and his floor gym. Sylvia periodically shook the gym just to keep things interesting.

Not that you can tell from the look on his face, but Paul really does like his floor gym. I am continually amazed by how different he is from Sylvia. She never put up with being left on the floor to entertain herself, but he seems to rather like playing with the stuff we put in front of him. Even to the point I can leave him and get a few things done.

The little round toy is one of the best things Derrick got for Paul for Christmas. He loves the thing!

Paul has lately become very insistent that he also needs food. He knows it goes in the mouth, and if he sees something going in my mouth he wants something going into his too. We've introduced him to apple sauce, avocado, and bread, and so far he likes all three. Here's a picture of my first attempt at feeding him apple sauce. See how helpful Sylvia is with her younger brother? Shortly after these images were taken, Sylvia's father removed her from my back so I could continue to breathe.

Grandma's visiting. She likes to put Paul to sleep for me. I give her lots of chances.

Paul really does smile beautifully. Now I just need to focus on his face instead of on the crib.

Paul standing. Derrick put him there, of course, but he's holding himself up...

...until big sister comes along to help him sit down.

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