Monday, July 23, 2012

Boatloads of personality

Sylvia likes knives, so much so that I have to be very careful to put away knives after using them. Well, this evening I left out a paring knife after cutting up a peach. Sylvia picked it up, so I yelled, "Put down the knife!"

Apparently inspired by Derrick's trip to Australia, she told me, "That's not a knife!"

Whatever kid.

We tried to feed Sylvia a sausage for dinner. She turned up her nose in favor of a roasted green bean sandwich. As in, green beans on a bun. With mustard.

Paul loved the green beans too, and was seriously fond of the French fries. When he finished off what we'd given him, my young man with an increasingly large personality pushed his plate over to his dad to request more food, then pulled it back when it was full. Such a good communicator.

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