Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pattern recognition

Tonight I made some lovely peach cobbler. We had some peaches that were attracting fruit flies and, rather than gorge myself on delicious peaches (mmm, yummy) I decided to make peach pie. But then I realized peach pie involves pie crust and changed my plan to cobbler.

Anyway, cobbler or pie, the peaches needed seasoning, so I added a little bit of sugar (probably 1/3 c) and a little bit of fresh-ground nutmeg (maybe 1/8 a tsp) and then hunted around for the cinnamon, because what's a fruit pie without cinnamon? Now, for years we've had one of those big 8 oz containers of cinnamon. We finally worked out way through it (mostly courtesy of Sylvia and a few concoctions created while my back was turned) and replaced it with a much smaller container. But of course, after years of looking for the same container, I still look for that container.

We have another, very similar container in our spice cabinet.

Full of reddish powder.

Made from hot chilis.

Guess what I used on the peach cobbler?

On the plus side, should I ever make it up to Alan's chili-fest, I have a recipe to share!


  1. Oh, that is such a bummer! How did it taste?

  2. It was actually pretty good! I finished it off within a couple of days, and kinda liked it. I don't know that I'll do it on purpose, but it wasn't bad!