Sunday, November 11, 2012

Armistice day

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to wish someone a happy armistice day, but this is a good day to remember.

My bishop, who is Canadian, wore a red poppy on his lapel in remembrance. I was glad he did. WWI is one of those events in world history that changed the face of everything so much, both breaking down barriers and building up new ones, I don't think we modern people realize how different our attitudes and our lives are. I wonder if that's why people like reading Victorian and Edwardian fiction--it's a fantastic, foreign world even if we don't recognize it as such.

Today was a great day with my kids, too. I took them to church and they were both remarkably well behaved. Sylvia went with the big kids in Primary since she was the only sunbeam there (which is probably why she was well-behaved. Peer pressure can be such a wonderful thing sometimes!). She seemed to love the "grownupness" of it. Paul didn't roam so much, probably because he was tired. He fell asleep on me in Sunday school, which put me to sleep as well. Holding a sleeping baby has to be one of the greatest sedatives ever invented. He slept pretty well until he nearly rolled off my lap. I caught him, but he was awake after that. The moms sitting behind me laughed when they saw my frantic grab for my son; I'm glad I didn't have to hear their response to my kid hitting the floor.

After dinner (we went out) we went on a walk together as a family at Sylvia's request. She's a funny kid. She just loves the family togetherness of that time, loves all of us taking a walk together. When we're out on our walk she talks and talks and talks, and asks so many questions about how the world works. Who eats what (do snakes eat mice? What do kiwi birds eat?), why we do things (why did you tell that man his car light was on?), where things live (where are the bats? I bet that tree would be a good place for owls. Are there any owls/bats in Australia?). Sometime I should take a recorder to make a record of one of these conversations.

But as much as she loves family time, Sylvia loves mommy time, too. At one point she wanted us to drop off her daddy and Paul so we could go on a walk with just the two of us. She's a sweet, sweet kid.

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