Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Every vote counts

One of the (I'm guessing unintended) consequences of California's non-partisan redistricting is that San Diego suddenly became a competitive race.

Turn out the race for the 52nd district was VERY competitive. According to this, despite a 9.5% advantage in registered voters, Scott Peters, the Democrat, won by just under 700 votes. Every vote counted in that race.

Democrats did really well overall: Bob Filner beat Carl DeMaio, and Marty Block, Ben Hueso, and Susan Davis all won. The taxes passed, refuting my statement that Californians love their big government; they just hate to pay for it. Turns out they are willing to pay for public services.

And of course, none of it really matters to me since we're moving to Australia.

Enjoy the next four years, my fellow citizens!

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