Wednesday, July 30, 2008

41 weeks

So, I'm still pregnant, and my mom's leaving tomorrow, which is a bummer. Unless I go into labor tonight, and make my mom miss her flight back to Utah, Grandma Iris will have to wait until we go out to Utah to meet Little Girl. Anyway, here's another picture of me and my belly. I do look a little bigger, and a bit lower, so maybe I will actually give birth sometime in the relatively near future.

It's been a great visit with my mom--we've done a lot of finishing little projects around the house. Right now my mom is finishing up reupholstering our glider rocker. The old fabric was teal and scratchy, and we've put on some rather nicer suede-ish stuff. Anyway, here's a picture of her working:

Derrick keeps referring to her as "Cinderella." Next time she visits we'll have to make sure it's more fun and less work :)


  1. Your tummy does look bigger! That's good. She'll be here soon.

  2. Hey Steeny, I feel for you lady... I just looked down and Ira just demolished a muffin on the carpet and it had icing on it, so I will go now. I'm gonna call you. Love, Weezbeastie1

  3. I hope you're holding your little girl now!