Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank heavens...

for in-laws and mothers who call and remind you that it's your anniversary. Derrick and I both forgot. It's been four years since we got married--amazing, no? Between the baby and all the other stuff that's going on, and the fact that, for the first time, we're not spending our anniversary in Santa Fe, NM, we both forgot! I obviously need contextual cues to remember special dates.

In other news, I had another baby shower this evening, which was a lot of fun--good food, good friends, and good weather. Oh yeah, and a great excuse to make Vietnamese spring rolls. I wish more of the veggies and herbs I used were from my garden, but since the cilantro and Thai basil didn't grow, and I didn't even attempt lettuce this year, I had to buy most of my veggies. I did use radishes and mint from my garden, so at least some of the food was locally grown (by me!).

I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of the women who came. I received a lot of much-needed stuff, much of it consumables like diapers and wipes that I know will be extremely helpful in the coming months. All of the women there are mothers and all shared their experience and much advice that I will, I hope, remember and be able to use when I encounter the inevitable difficult situations. If nothing else, I know who to talk to when I have problems!

But even more than that, I saw something happen that touched me deeply and made me really appreciate the relief society. There's a woman in my ward who is a very caring, compassionate, and social woman, and whose mother is in the process of dying. She's struggling with letting her mother go--understandably--even though her mother is in pretty bad shape at this point. At the end of the evening the conversation between several of the women (one of whom is the current RS president, and one who is her predecessor) turned to this woman in the ward and her struggles (most of which she'll never admit too). Very shortly two of them decided they needed to visit this sister, pretty much just to give her some emotional support. I donated the left over spring rolls (which I know the sister being visited loves), though I didn't go along, much as I wished to.

To me, that kind of simple service is really what a gospel centered life, and a gospel centered community is about. I am so impressed with the women who surround me and act as examples of kindness and giving. I'm glad that the bonds of common faith and our community bind us together as sisters and give us the opportunity to come to know and love one another.

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  1. Hey Steeny,

    Thank you for that.I needed a pick-me-up. I have been struggling for so long down here in the UV, I am so glad to be reminded of the feelings I have about going to church and church centered functions when living anywhere else in the world, it gets SO frustrating with... well you know. I remember now how much I learned in my meetings out of state and in the AVE's in SLC, and now I feel all those same feelings, THANKYOU, Steen. Love you.