Sunday, July 13, 2008


I ran into Melissa Tate today at church. We got pregnant about the same time--in fact, I think she was about the first person I told other than Derrick. I was having morning sickness and didn't quite know what to do about it, so I went up and just casually asked what she did to deal with morning sickness, at which point she showed me what she was doing for hers. She then revealed she was due on the 17th of July (how far away that seemed!), while I'm due on the 23rd. The strategies that worked for me turned out to be slightly different than hers (I couldn't even stand animal crackers because they were so sickeningly sweet in those first few months) but just having someone to talk to and ask questions of as my body changed was amazingly helpful. Anyway, she's being induced tomorrow, so she thought to get a picture of all of us who are pregnant and due about the same time while we're all still pregnant. So, here it is:

From left to right: Melissa Tate, Heather Hansen, Neesha McKay, Tamri Allen, and me.

There are a few people who are or were in the ward who aren't pictured--one woman (Julie Ann Krogel) moved to Illinois, and we didn't catch either Mary Aagard or Lynnette Hubbard for the photo. Even so, it's a nice picture of a group of women who all look like they're trying to smuggle various types of melons under their dresses.

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  1. Cute pic - it is crazy that in about 3 weeks, 4 of you in that pic will have babies! Fun!