Monday, October 26, 2009

Why I read books

Last night Derrick and I watched the final episode of Defying Gravity. The last one EVER. And I'm sad because there are so many unanswered questions, so many unfinished plot-lines, and no hope for any real conclusion. Yet again, I've found a show I like, and, just like with Kings it's been canceled after the first season. Grr.

Which brings me to why I read books. Books don't typically get canceled after the first season. Sure, if you're an unproven author they may only let you write the first book of a (planned in your head) trilogy or series, but usually that lets/forces you to wrap up significant plot arcs by the end. In TV, not so much. If a show doesn't get ratings, it's gone. I understand--producing a TV show is far more expensive than printing a book, but especially with the current move toward longer character and plot arcs, even multi-season plot arcs, it's really annoying to get involved in a show and then see it canceled just as things get good.

James D. Parriott, will you please quit TV and start writing books? Can I be your ghost-writer?

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