Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beware the wolverine!

When Derrick and I were in Canada on our honeymoon, we learned to respect the wolverine. Notably, wolverines are very curious: they've been known to break into cabins, open doors and drawers--locked or unlocked!--just to take a look around. They're also determined, one might say, apparently just walking over whatever terrain they encounter rather than going around. There are tales of wolverine tracks continuing straight over the edges of cliffs, in fact.

Sylvia isn't as grumpy, or as dangerous as a wolverine, but she's definitely as curious and as unwilling to deviate from a straight path. She'll walk over any obstacle left on the floor--and there are plenty of obstacles around since she also insists on emptying drawers and cabinets and shelves and scattering the contents.

The pictures above are of Sylvia wearing socks on her hands, which is where she prefers to wear them. She'll pull the socks off my feet and insist I put them on her (as pictured above). Then she'll walk around, clap her hands, smell them, pull the socks off again, walk them over to me and insist I replace them where they "belong"--on her hands.

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