Thursday, April 15, 2010


I can't sleep. This isn't a spectacularly unusual thing for me, though it's been a number of months since I've suffered insomnia. I guess it's my own fault I'm awake--after all, I did lay down at something like 10 or 10:30, which is way earlier than normal. Anyway, since I'm awake, I figured I'll take advantage of the few extra hours and be marginally productive (if blogging can be seen as productive, that is).

Last week my Mom and sister drove through here, which was fun. My sister, after living in New York for something like seven years, decided she wanted to move back to Utah. So, my Mom flew out and the two of them packed up her car with as much stuff as it could hold and drove cross-country. They stopped here for a day and we had a nice, mellow visit as they rested up for the remaining two days of intense driving. It probably helped that a pretty good lightning storm came through (which everyone here thoroughly enjoyed watching!).

We ate lots of veggies, and discovered the juice left after cooking artichokes is yet another acid-base indicator (though not nearly as cool as red cabbage juice).

I was unbearably cranky the day before Easter, so Derrick bought me an Easter lily. (I'm not entirely sure why my bad behavior warrants flowers, but I am grateful for the flowers--and for a husband forgiving enough to get them for me).

One of the nice things about celebrating Easter at church a week late is that I was able to find Sylvia's Easter dress for half-off. Isn't she cute? The Easter basket actually belongs to our neighbor (as does the rest of the room).

Sylvia has re-discovered the joy of throwing herself backward.

And finally, Derrick was helping Sylvia learn to spell.


  1. I'm sorry you couldn't sleep. Sylvia looks so cute in that dress.

    And great pictures!

  2. Your mom and sis look great!! And Sylvia is ADORABLE!!! Do you have any plans to go to SLC this summer?

  3. Oh Kristine, you have your mother's hair! Lovely.