Monday, April 5, 2010


You know, yet again, I have a reason to wish we were already in San Francisco. I mean, if we'd gotten there when we initially planned we would have been there for the magnitude 7.2 earthquake yesterday. Grr. I'm so disappointed.

In other news, Derrick dislocated his finger playing basketball and it's turning lovely shades of blue. Easter Sunday was not so kind to him, though I know he did enjoy the strawberry pie we made (even if it wasn't ready to consume until 10:30 or so). Sylvia enjoyed her first Easter egg hunt, though I think she was pretty much happy after a single egg. Mostly she played with her jelly beans rather than actually eating them. The chocolate she ate, but I think she maxed out on jelly beans after just about a handful. Smart kid. fortunately for her, she has a loyal friend next door who generously helped her with her candy. They're very cute together.

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