Sunday, April 18, 2010


Derrick says I'm pacing. I say it's only because I'm waiting for water to boil. My neighbors came over this evening and helped us make soft pretzels but I realized while making the first batch they'd probably be better if I let them rise a bit before cooking them, so after their hard work I sent them home with only a very dense taste of the goodness and promises of better to come.

Anyway, while I'm assiduously not watching my pot of water, I want to write down a few of the events of today and my thoughts on them. A new presidency was installed in my stake today during stake conference. I actually know two of the three (the SP is one of the former counselors and was in 1st ward and the 1st counselor is my current bishop), which is unusual and kind of cool. I like knowing who my leaders are if for no other reason than because it makes me feel a little less anxious about meetings.

Elder Richard G. Scott and Elder Garrit Gong presided over the meeting. What I heard of it was pretty good, though I didn't hear much because Sylvia is at that age where she pretty much just wants to run around all the time. Some (very kind, generous, and thoughtful) friends of mine saved a seat in the main meeting room for the two of us so I could sing in the choir, and I (thinking to save them the hassle of my overly energetic daughter) ditched them to sit in the foyer. I probably got less out of the meeting, but my daughter had fewer opportunities to harass the older girls. Mostly people bore testimony that the former stake presidency was called of God and the new stake presidency was also called of God, so I don't think I missed anything earth shattering.

Elder Gong talked to the primary kids and told a story about a kid who became the Emperor of China because he had the integrity to admit the seeds he'd been asked to grow didn't grow. I think the kids in the audience appreciated being spoken to (even if he did kind of speak in a little kid voice while telling the story) because even from outside the main room the drop in volume was evident.

Elder Scott talked about a bunch of things and had a couple of the daughters of the outgoing SP talk a bit. Somehow modesty worked its way into the conversation--referring only to girls--but whatever. He also told us how decisions are made in the Quorum of the Twelve. The matter is discussed until everyone is satisfied with the decision; if there are still unsettled minds, the decision is tabled until everyone can come to agreement. I really appreciated him describing that process and then suggesting decisions made in our homes should be made in the same way. Such a decision making system could only work among equals, but oh, what a wonderful thing it would be to have true equality in all relationships within the church. Sadly, Elder Scott then went off on the natural nurturing abilities of women and how men should tell their wives and children they are loved and their efforts are appreciated. Not that I'm against any of that, I just think the coddling of us women right after prescribing a decision making method that would create truly equal partnerships dulls the message somewhat.

Sylvia took a nap shortly after we got home and the home teachers came by. We hung out with our neighbors and, after dinner, had them over to make pretzels since Gareth was so insistent on coming to my house. The pretzels are now done and distributed, so I think it's time to go do something more productive than blogging!

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