Friday, May 21, 2010

A good excuse

Every Friday a few of my friends with young kids get together for a play date. I've always wanted to go, but, since I work, I've never had time. I don't have time now, but this morning went anyway because Derrick had an appointment with a doctor and I was 'stuck' with Sylvia. (Derrick dislocated his pinky on his birthday and though it's mostly healed, he doesn't have his full range of motion back)

The planned activity (which impresses me since I never plan activities for my child) was decorating 'cars' (cardboard boxes) and then watching the movie "Cars" while sitting in the cardboard cars. Since we're moving soon, we have plenty of cardboard boxes laying around (though I didn't bother to decorate them.

I had a lot of fun and took a few pictures of the fun. Here's a picture of Sylvia falling into her box:

A couple of my friends watching:

Heather used to watch Sylvia, and the two still share a special bond.

This guy was amazingly smiley for a two month old!

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