Saturday, January 22, 2011

New bed

Sylvia had a great day today. After her nap we went to IKEA looking for a bed frame to go with the mattress Sylvia got for Christmas. We'd hoped a new "big girl" bed would be enticing enough to her she'd actually sleep there instead of invading our bed every night, but no. When we got to the store, in addition to a bed, Sylvia found a snapping friend, who accompanied her in all her Goldilocks-like testing of beds (but remained in his IKEA home).

We also found her a bed.

We took the bed home and set it up, with Sylvia helping by handing Derrick the hardware and even tightening a few bolts. She was so proud, telling us repeatedly she was "fixing" the bed.

And then she slept in it!!! (though not all night.)

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