Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

Since it's memorial day, Derrick decided to invite his Chinese and Indian friends over to celebrate this American holiday. Of course, being Americans, our festivities involved a lot of meat.

Too much meat, it turned out.

You see, several of the adults present are vegetarians. They, being experienced cooks and eaters, brought food they would like, and enough to share. So, we had tons and tons of delicious veggies (which I gorged myself on) and more than enough sausages for the carnivorous hordes roaming through our diminutive apartment.

I must say, I had a blast. I love hanging out with Derrick's academic friends, even if I'm not really a part of the academic crowd anymore. And we won't have to cook for days! The food was great, and everyone was appreciative of all the hard work everyone put into the dinner.

Sadly, it's one of the last chances we'll have to hang out with a couple of the families we invited since one couple is moving to Illinois and the other family is moving back to China. It's wonderful to see friends getting jobs, though; brings me hope that Derrick will too, someday.

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