Sunday, September 23, 2012

A discussion of marriage

This evening I let Sylvia stay up a little late. We watched BYU's Vocal Point from last year's Sing Off. During the first song Sylvia informed me she was going to marry the tall blonde guy (Keith, I think). I pointed out that he was probably already married, or at least would be by the time she was 18. That bit of information didn't phase her at all as she continued to tell me she was going to marry him. I had to explain to her that once someone marries one person they don't marry someone else. After a couple of repetitions of that explanation she decided she didn't like Keith anymore.

After watching most of Vocal Point we moved on to Pentatonix. Since she couldn't have Keith, she moved on to the tall blonde guy in that group. He's at least only 16 years her senior.

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