Sunday, September 23, 2012


Paul likes to drink water out of the bathtub, which I don't like him to do. I'm pretty sure it's something he piked up from his older sister, though, and it's hard to stop. This morning he leaned back to get the last drops of water from the cup, then flung the cup away from him and spread his limbs wide to keep from falling. I thought it a clever move and so physically aware. Sometimes watching Paul move just makes me smile.

He stole a rag I was taking to the laundry and scrubbed my bedroom door yesterday afternoon. Such behavior isn't unusual for him--after meals he often wipes his place clean. I have to sweep and mop after he cleans, but whatever.

When he doesn't want to do something, or doesn't want to eat something he shakes his head no so hard his whole body gets into it. Other communication proceeds through grunts and gestures, but "no" he's very good at showing.

Lately he's been throwing tantrums, which is far from my favorite development. When he gets frustrated (which happens a lot around nap time and meal times) he throws his whole body backward and flails on the ground, grunting and whining all the while. Mostly I catch him, but every so often, especially if he's on softer ground, I'll let him throw his head back and let him really connect with the ground. He must have a pretty hard head because he's still doing it.

 This morning at about 4 am Paul woke me up, so I took him to the couch and  nursed him back to sleep, falling asleep myself in the process. He woke up when his sister got up and toddled off after her, gurgling happily. I couldn't be left out of the fun, of course, and he came back and slapped my face and pulled my hair to wake me, laughing and chirping all the while. It's a good thing my little boy is such a cheerful creature in the morning. He tames my sleep-less monster.

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