Sunday, September 9, 2012


Paul has eight teeth now. I've been rather bad about recording when his teeth come in, so this post is mostly to make up for my delinquency. Paul's fifth tooth, his top left lateral incisor, came in sometime around the 17th of July. Number six, the top right lateral incisor, showed up around the 6th of August. I noticed both bottom lateral incisors (numbers 7& 8) yesterday. I've been blaming his poor sleep on us traveling (which is also why I haven't posted in a month). After seeing his teeth I'm guessing there's more to his sleep problems and constant desire to nurse than simply difficulty adjusting.

Now that the boring stuff is recorded, the kids are doing well. Today at church Paul was a hoot. He was overtired in that wound-up, "I'm going to keep going if it's the last thing I do" kind of way. Fortunately, the other people in Sunday school didn't mind too much that he ran around the room, throwing bits of food at some people, trying to share with others. He managed to get his shirt off twice, which is a first and seems way too early for a 13-month-old.

Sylvia had a fun time at church as well. We borrowed some skill-builder activities from Aunt L and Sylvia quite enjoyed those during sacrament meeting, so much that she asked if we could take them with us to Australia. I had to inform her that no, they had to stay here, but offered to make some for her that we could take with us. I don't know what they did in Primary, but when Sylvia came out she didn't have any shoes (as usual). Fortunately, the teacher was very on top of things and gave them to me before we got too far.

Although I'm getting work done--real, honest-to-goodness writing--I'm getting ready to go home. It's nice to visit family, and I love having the time and space to do my science again, but it's time to get back to our more regular routine. Everyone is just happier when we're in our regular places.

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