Friday, October 19, 2012


We're working on training Sylvia to sleep through night without wetting the bed. For the most part it's going alright, as long as we make sure she goes once after about 8:30 and don't give her water after that.

However, it's not going well enough I'm comfortable letting her sleep on the floor, which is where she wants to sleep for some reason (that I'll guess is related to how much easier it is to play on the floor and stay awake than do the same on the bed). So last night, when she asked to sleep on the floor I told her no, because it's easier to clean up pee on her bed than pee on the floor.

This morning she got up and told Derrick she'd peed in her bed because I told her it was easier to clean up pee in her bed.


Stupid me, I assumed she would realized peeing in the toilet was the easiest to clean up of all. We had another conversation in which the ranking of the difficulty of cleaning all the places Sylvia might choose to pee was made explicit. I hope this one sticks.

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