Friday, October 26, 2012

Four things

1. Yesterday we went to the zoo. The first thing Sylvia wanted to see was the compost bin. We spent more time digging for worms in the compost bins than doing any other single thing, except eating.

2. Paul said "owl" a couple of times yesterday. He was just imitating the sounds, but he said the word very clearly. The kid has a good ear, and I think language is just around the corner for him. He uses some signs (when he wants to) and he has at least one 'word' (thanks) that he says consistently and in the correct context. It's not quite thanks, more like 'Tnks,' but it gets the point across.

3. Sylvia's going to be a doctor for Halloween. She was so excited about her costume we had to hide it from her to get her to do anything except play with it.

4.  Paul continues to be a helpful kid. This morning he used my hot chocolate to wipe off the table.

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