Monday, February 2, 2009

almost cute

Sylvia gets very excited when I get home from work. And by excited I mean she starts screaming and crying and flailing all her little extremities in and effort to escape from the clutches of her father. According to Derrick she'll be happy and giggling up until the moment she hears a key in the door, at which point her attention focuses on the door and the person she knows will soon enter the room (that would be me). From that moment until the time I pick her up she wails like she's been abandoned and terribly ignored. As soon as she's in my arms she'll turn around and give Derrick a huge grin.

It's almost endearing. Almost. If she'd give me enough time to take off my coat and hat before launching into the hysterics I'd be more amused.


  1. Meghan would do this too when Joe was home with the kids during the day. I agree that it would be nice if they would let you take your coat and shoes off - but at least we know we're loved and missed during the day!