Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I've seen this map on a bunch of people's blogs lately. Lemming that I am, I thought I'd also add it to my blog. I'm not sure I ever expected to do so much traveling when I was a kid. In high school my sister, Kim, spent a summer in Massachusetts, which seemed so far away and so metropolitan. Friends of mine at the time told me they expected I'd never live outside Utah. Now I've lived all over the country and traveled around the world. Sometimes I'm simply amazed at the life I live.

visited 43 states (86%)
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  1. That's really impressive!! I'm sure you've been to more states than most people in this country! I enjoy reading your blog. How are your siblings doing, anyway?

  2. Hey! I didn't know you even knew I had a blog. I like your blog too--it's always fun to see what you and your family are up to.

    My family is doing pretty well--my mom is really happy with Wayne and my dad recently got remarried to a woman who appears to make him happy, too. Kim is staying at home taking care of her kids, who are now 10 and 9, if you can believe that. Melissa lives in New York, and David is still living in Salt Lake and working at the post office. David is pretty heavily involved with Affirmation, which is something I think really brings him a lot of happiness amid the angst.

    How is your family doing?