Sunday, April 12, 2009

246 weeks

In the first days after Derrick and I were married, we discovered we had no trash bags. So, we went to Target and bought 180 trash bags, expecting them to last, oh, a couple of years. We thought we'd finished them a couple of times since then--the last time just about the time Derrick moved out here, but as we were packing up we discovered another roll of trash bags.

Today we threw away the last of the never-ending trash bags.

According to the EPA the average American family disposes of 0.23 tons (460 lb) of trash per year. Our trash bags are 13 gallon trash bags, which probably hold 1 lb of trash per gallon (or less), so every year we throw away approximately 9.5 lb of trash per week. That's still a lot of trash--and I suspect we're doing better now that we live in an area with easy recycling--but it's not bad. I bet when we have our own home and can compost our waste food, we'll do even better.


  1. Packing up? So does that mean you're going to a new apartment?

  2. Oh, no--we discovered them when Derrick moved out here last summer. Which I guess also goes to show how long the trash bags lasted :)

    We are moving, though, and sadly, probably out of the ward. Any news on a new house for you guys?