Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving to San Diego

Derrick's going to take the post-doc at Scripps, so I guess we're going to San Diego, probably in December. Sometimes I'm excited, other times, not so much. I've really grown to like small-town living and I'm not actually looking forward to moving someplace where we'll be paying through the nose for a tiny apartment with no yard (again!) and not even the possibility of a garden (one of the perks I really enjoyed last summer). On the plus side, I was looking at the price of condos in the area and apparently prices have dropped quite a bit--so much so it might actually be more cost-effective for us to purchase a condo for the year or so we'll be there rather than rent.

We'll see.


  1. so, you'll be moving too? will you be done with school by then, or are you going to take a break and go back to school later?

    The best perk about San Diego is the weather! You won't need those big winter coats anymore!

  2. yep--we're moving, though not until December. I should be done with lab work by then, though I'll still have lots of writing to do.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the weather!

  3. Thats quite a change! San Diego sounds fun, although I agree with you on the apartment thing. Who knows, maybe this whole economic crisis will help you get a nicer place.